Artist Statement

Looking at architecture from different regions around the world what is it that these buildings and their details, construction methods, and materials, say about the people that created them? Quite often the buildings we create are a reflection of our selves, as well as a response to the climate and environment that surrounds us. A self-portrait of our belief systems, our connection or disconnection to Nature, our class or status within society, and our cultural values.

It is from this line of thought that this series has taken shape. Each object starts with a slab of clay that is cut into a geometric shape that serves as a floor plan on which to construct the form. Once the foundation is set coils or slabs of clay are added one after another, paying close attention to the quality of edges, surface, and structure that is steadily emerging. Always in the background is the thought of the objects interaction with fire and ash flowing through the kiln.
As the form grows suggestions of relationships between different planes, angles, and shapes become evident and new directions are discovered. I find this process of action and reaction to be very stimulating. To start building with a loose concept of the finished work and arrive at an object that has found its own rhythm creates an element of surprise that keeps the process active and engaging.